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Honest Label

Honest Label

You’re no dummy. You read nutrition labels. But how accurate is that serving size? And what is butylated hydroxytoluene, anyway? Take the guesswork out of healthy eating with Honest Label Foods, an iPhone and Android app that provides clear, concise information on every food in the supermarket.

The Honest Label app provides clear, color-coded information on any product in the grocery store. Personalize the app to help you avoid unwanted ingredients. Scan any barcode in the grocery store with your iPhone, and our interactive label will reflect your individual needs.

In addition:

- Customize your label to what you always look for.
- Say goodbye to black and white. We provide colorful charts and graphs.
- Know if certain ingredients are present with our red/green background.

What you eat affects your health, your appearance, and your lifestyle. You have the right to straightforward, unbiased information about every ingredient. Honest Label Foods wants to help make those choices easy.