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Nature Near You

Nature Near You

Treeline Interactive partnered with the Nature Conservancy to bring you the “Nature Near You” mobile App. Become a nature photographer with the Capture section, which allows you take pictures of the landscape around you and share images with friends.

In the Explore section you’ll be able to view photos others have taken in the “Recent” category. Want to keep track of images you love? The Favorites section is the perfect way to store the photos that inspire you. Have fun viewing the “Photo of the Day” or try win your spot in this section by submitting your images to Flickr.

If you need more space to explore natural environments around you, the “Visit” section is perfect. After the app locates your current location, it will show you a map with all the Nature Preserves near you. Now you’ll be able to take your photography to the next stage!

In the “Donate” section you can find free downloadable backgrounds of beautiful nature photography. Find out whats going on in our natural world with Nature News, and if you would like to make a donation to give back to nature, the donate section is safe and easy to use.