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The Lab

If you are involved in mobile development you know testing is crucial but there are way too many handsets to buy them all. We feel your pain and we are opening up our facilities to help lend a hand.

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Treeline Interactive is a San Diego base mobile software development firm located in Mission Beach.

We will be opening up our testing lab to mobile developers across the San Diego community to offer the ability for developers to access more mobile handset platforms and variations to enhance their development process.

Our Offices are located at 3725 Mission Blvd. 92109. Open lab hours are from 3pm to 6pm the first and third Friday of each month. Please fill out the mobile developer signup form below to let us know you are coming, testing space is currently limited to five guest developers per session. If you need to try and coordinate a different time, let us know and we will see what we can do.

We have faced the same challenges as may other developers and want to do our part to try and help the San Diego mobile community grow. It is also a great way for us to network in the community and help introduce other developers to people from around the area.

Just it hasn’t been easy or cheap for us to build up our quiver of test devices but fortunately we have also been able to partner with Spring, Qualcom and Nokia to get some of the latest and greatest devices in your hands as they launch.

Please contact us to see if we have the particular test devices you may be targeting.